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RICH ISLE manages the development process and co-ordinates the development team including the setting of parameters for design and for the construction phases, as well as organizing the marketing and letting activities via specialist companies.


RICH ISLE will establish client’s requirements, analyzing and reporting on prices, values, ownership and planning, in co-operation with the client.


RICH ISLE manages the process to identify and collate all the necessary documentation for the purchase of land. 


RICH ISLE appraises the current use of land or building, evaluation of the alternatives for cost, value and risk. RICH ISLE also prepares a market analysis, cash flow projections and residual and net present value calculations. 


RICH ISLE appraises all commercial and technical aspects of a proposed development project for investors considering buying or participating in the investment or for banks considering providing debt finance. 




Our congratulations with New 2012 Year and Christmas!

Dear Customers. Please, pay attention that our Seattle branch's phone number was changed.

Board of Directors of RICH ISLE's companies group was held in New York (USA).

We are glad to present to you a new chapter on our website - "articles and publications", placed in the section "collaboration".

Striking the balance of the previous year, group of RICH ISLE's companies thanks all clients and partners for the affective co-operation!

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