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Project management

Organizing, co-coordinating and controlling the design, permitting & construction processes to meet pre-agreed performance criteria, from concept to completion.


Monitoring aspects of the project of particular interest to the client against for compliance with agreed targets and industry standards, taking action as necessary on the basis of predetermined delegated powers.


Preparing the master programme for the project including programs for each sub-process and an action plan to monitor and control progress and produce reports


Site supervising, control and enforce the quality standards throughout the construction process in compliance with design specifications and local norms.


One of the main components of high-quality project realization is a document control, that is registration and availability control of all project, executive, financial and other documentation, as well as their last changes made by project team. Besides, records management includes recording of all official notifications of project team in Minutes of meetings.



Our congratulations with New 2012 Year and Christmas!

Dear Customers. Please, pay attention that our Seattle branch's phone number was changed.

Board of Directors of RICH ISLE's companies group was held in New York (USA).

We are glad to present to you a new chapter on our website - "articles and publications", placed in the section "collaboration".

Striking the balance of the previous year, group of RICH ISLE's companies thanks all clients and partners for the affective co-operation!

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