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Our team

Key employees represent interests of RICH ISLE company, as well as its owners, who monitor our company’s activity and quality of provided services. That is why our team, along with professionalism, is as much client oriented. 

Arthur Freeman (RICH ISLE's Co-founder, Project Manager)

One of the idealogical managers of RICH ISLE's companies. He adopted a principally new system of quality audit of provided services. He's been managing construction projects over 20 years.

David Hill (RICH ISLE's Co-founder, Project Manager)

A real professional in the management of construction projects. He started career 1990 in U.S.A. with the position of project manager's assistant. Today, hisservice list numbers several hundred of successfully realized projects around the world.

Alexander Nazarov (RICH ISLE's Analyst)

Manages construction projects since 2004. During this period participated in realization of more than 100 projects of different complexity in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. 

Eugene Bespalov (Managing Partner of RICH ISLE Ukraine, Real Estate Specialist)

Manages representation in Ukraine from the date of its foundation. Eugene is a well experienced analyst and agent in dealing with commercial and residential realty.

Mariia Poperechna (Business Development Director of RICH ISLE Ukraine)

A highly proficient specialist in marketing sphere, corporate standards and document management. Mariia participated in realization of a variety of projects for international companies, such as: Honda, JT International, CAT Cargo, Wolf Theiss...

Alexei Belyanov (General Director of RICH ISLE Russia)

Manages the representative office in Russia from 2008 year. Alexei is an excellent specialist in cost control, contract management and logistics.

international companies, such as: Honda, JT International, CAT Cargo, Wolf Theiss...

Ivan Chaika (Analyst of Security&Safety Systems of RICH ISLE Russia & Ukraine, Project Manager)

Ivan coordinates work companies in Russia and Ukraine since 2008. He participates in realization of all key projects. Ivan has a wide experience in an analyst, the organization and maintenance of safety systems of companies in Russia and Ukraine. Has successfully proved as the project manager on especially difficult objects.



Our congratulations with New 2012 Year and Christmas!

Dear Customers. Please, pay attention that our Seattle branch's phone number was changed.

Board of Directors of RICH ISLE's companies group was held in New York (USA).

We are glad to present to you a new chapter on our website - "articles and publications", placed in the section "collaboration".

Striking the balance of the previous year, group of RICH ISLE's companies thanks all clients and partners for the affective co-operation!

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